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Art Connections Gallery displays the largest and most eclectic collection of fine arts and artisan made goods in Texas.

With works by more than 170 artists and artisans, from The Netherlands to Niger and across North America, Art Connections Gallery in La Grange, Tex., offers painting, sculpture, pottery, glass, jewelry, and gifts not available on Amazon or at the mall. The 2,200-square-foot, three-gallery space, in an 1890s building on the historic town’s square, houses some 4,000 items, from $3 bars of soap to $5,000 bronze sculpture. It includes a Texas-themed book nook, floor-to-ceiling walls of paintings, and displays of multiple-medium vignettes to inspire your own home or office enhancement.


While not showing everything available in the store, we try to offer a wide variety of items with new ones being added regularly.

Click on the "Shop" tab and choose to either "shop all" in various configurations, or choose to shop by artist name or by categories such as painting, jewelry, or pottery among many others.

Note that the home page displays the newest items added first so that you can check with us regularly and easily see what has most recently been added.