Jeanette Chinelli
Featured Artist in June

I was born in San Francisco, California to a family of Italian heritage. They first arrived on the East coast through. Being creative came naturally for me since there were many creatives in my family that included painters, musicians and teachers. I began with crayon at five and have graduated over the years to many materials and mediums.
My current medium is oil and acrylic. I begin a painting with acrylic to give me a stronger idea about the color palette. Once I have cemented that direction then the oil paint is the final layer.

My appreciation for mid-century modern designs have brought me to the chair as my subject matter. I am sure it was heavily influenced by being raised in the fifties. Designers like Ray and Charles Eames were amazing and talented. A chair is more then a chair, its personal.
For over 15 years I was a resident of Houston. I was involved in the arts on many levels as a working artist and art activist. I moved to Denver three years ago to follow a paycheck and in the interim made the decision to obtain my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I will graduate in the spring of 2019 from the University of Denver.
"Painting is my passion. Color is its cousin and providing some visual interest for the viewer is the artists goal."

​Chairs are a ubiquitous object for most and people often take the design and style of a chair for granted. The central intent of a chair is to accommodate the human form and offer a measure comfort. I am confronted daily by my interactions with chairs, which do not accommodate my own human form. My feet are left dangling, seats don’t quite fit, and they become symbolic of discomfort, which is an irony given my deep appreciation for good design.
The chair as a subject matter also lends itself to ideas about presence and absence of the human form. When seeing a chair, one understands its intention and use by a person. In this body of work, I wish to elevate the relative mundane image of the chair as an opportunity to ponder its deeper significance and relation to our human experience.


Jan Keegan
"Focus On Local" Artist in June

​Jan Keegan is a Houston Texas artist. Her artistic background began in 1976 in black and white photography. After decades of a successful career in photography Jan decided to spread her talents to a new medium in abstraction. After experimenting with different techniques, she felt the ease of using fluid paint allowed out comes a delicate way to lose the control.
Jan’s flower works are inspired by her new surroundings, living in La Grange and seeing the seasons change in the small town gardens and the Texas landscape. Painting flowers has given the artist a unique way to express herself. This is what the artist hopes people will feel when viewing her art.