"Just because I have transitioned to a smaller 650 sf living space doesn't mean that I've curtailed my desire to be surrounded by beautiful and meaningful art. My collection of treasures has slowly grown by careful selection, each of them unique and which touch my soul. The large painting above my couch is from a previous, much larger home, but it is one that my late husband and I picked out together. The small pieces to the left took a longer time to arrange but each, in its turn, whispered to me. The small piece of pottery on the table grabbed my heart the first time I saw it at Art Connections Gallery and it formed the basis for the rest of the gatherings. The piece de resistance is the beautiful pottery at the top, also found at Art Connections, that incorporated all the other pieces for the wall.
I have grown to be choosy, preferring to select unique and individualistic art that has spoken to my heart and soul. For so long, I owned oversized posters and mass-produced pictures that never said a word. Now, it sometimes takes several visits to Art Connections (a favorite spot) where I'm allowed to slowly browse and look and feel what a particular piece says to me. Then, when its had its way with me, it finds its home.
Ahhhhhhhhhh............................." Bonnie Coffey. Bastrop, TX