Richard Eastman is one of our featured artist in this month's "Triple Play" show.  Read below to learn a bit more about this talented clay artist.

Tell us a little bit about your life before you became an artist.

I was a certified Interior Designer and Architectural Space Planner for 40 years as my career.  However, I have been an artist since I was a small child.  My grandmother taught me how to carve figures out of clay when I was about three years old.            
Did you do art or artsy things growing up?
 Obviously Yes!
When did you start to make art and why or how did you make the decision to do this?
 I became a full-time artist at age 61 when I retired from Interior Design and Architectural Space Planning.
Who was your first mentor or person of inspiration?
 My grandmother was my idol.  She was the most amazing person ever!  She was not only an amazing artist, crafter, quilter and knitter, she was also an amazing cook.  She owned her own cafe for many years on Navigation St. in Houston.
Who is your favorite artist?
 I don't think anyone can compete with the genius of Michelangelo.  I love his work in expressing the brilliance and complexities of the human body.
Where have you studied or learned to do what you do?
 I was a certified interior designer, so I studied art for my career.  I attended Sam Houston State University, University of Houston and Lee Jr. College in the '70s.  All my life I have taken continuing education classes in art and design.  I studied pottery at Foelber Gallery in Houston.
Where do you get your inspiration for each piece?  How do you decide what to create?  Tell us a little bit about how you approach a clay piece:  The process that you use to work through one.
All of my inspiration comes from nature.  I create in a studio in my beautiful yard in the country.  I am surrounded by song birds, flowers, dragonflies, butterflies and all sorts of creatures.  I find the most beauty in my life was made be someone greater than me that was generous to share those wonders in the world around me.  It may sound "hokey" but I love nature and spend most of my time outside in it.