Second Saturday Soiree
November 14, 2020, 1-7pm

To learn more about this talented jewelry designer and silversmith, read below.

​Tell us a bit about yourself-where you grew up.  Things you like to do besides your art.  Interesting tidbits.  
I am born and raised in Texas and grew up in the Bay Area. I currently live in the Clear Lake/ League City area with my husband Jonathan, and our two dogs Mini and Baxter. I love to travel, cook, design things, and we love going to the beach with our dogs. Oh and I love wine...

Did you start art as a kid or do other creative things like music or dance?
I have always been drawn to art. I loved doing anything creative as a kid and working with my hands whether it was sewing, cooking, baking, designing things, and I loved painting.

When did you start to make jewelry?
I started making jewelry when I was 21 years old. I transferred to the Glassell School of Art after taking my basics at San Jacinto College. I initially wanted to take painting classes there but I needed to take a 2D/3D design class first in order to take the class I wanted to. That’s when I met my design teacher who happened to be the head of the jewelry department, she thought I’d have a natural talent for making jewelry. I took her advise and I loved it and never looked back...

How did you come to choose your medium?
I am passionate about working with metal, I love the sculptural side of metal that you can fabricate into anything you want. I mostly work with silver and alternative materials. But I needed to incorporate my love of color in my work. So I use a lot of enamels, colored stones, polymer clay and other materials like plastics, resin and found objects.
Tell us a bit about your process.  
I don’t usually sketch my designs. It all comes out as I’m working... Sometimes I have one stone or piece of enamel that I love and that starts my design off. Then that one piece of jewelry I created starts a line of other pieces. I fabricate all of my work by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I tend to make one unique piece at a time. 
Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
I am inspired by so many things... Sometimes it’s from architecture, and the clean lines of industrial design and graphic art. I love colors inspired by nature, and whimsical, post modern art. And I’m always inspired by the creative, talented artists around me. I love art that makes you feel happy and that’s what I try to portray.

Who was your most influential mentor?  Why? How?
I have had a lot of mentors in my life. But the two that really stand out to me are my jewelry teacher, Sandie Zilker and Jan Harrell my enameling teacher. Sandie pushed me and encouraged me, she even go me to start selling my jewelry and set up my first appointment at a gallery that I’m still currently with today. Jan helped me further expand my love of metal by using color by the way of enameling in my work. Enameling brought my love of painting on metal. I can’t thank them enough for all they taught me.

Who is your favorite artist?  Why?  
My favorite artist has always been Wassily Kandinsky. His use of bright, vibrant colors always excites me. I especially love his expressive, colorful, abstract modern paintings. He has greatly influenced my work.
Tell us about awards and honors that you may have gotten in your creative life.  Which was the most meaningful?
I’ve received several awards and have been in many national and international  juried shows. I am mostly proud of a international juried show I was a part of for the Enamelist Society called Fusion where I was published in a book.

Please tell us any other info that you think people might like to know about you.  
I love to have fun with friends drinking wine and having great food! And if you throw in going to an art festival that sounds like a perfect day...

To see more of Amber's collection, click on the link below to take you to the online store.  We will be adding even more pieces to the store after the opening reception on Saturday.