Roy Brown has been involved in the Arts for more than 40 years.  With a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University, he has pursued his passion for pottery and its elevation to an art form.  This has been through a continuous process of past and present influences from his surrounding environments and its impact on his work.
He has expanded his work to include metal that is hand forged to fit the designs of his pottery.  From finials on lids to bases for his larger vases and platters, Roy searches for the forms that will enhance his work.
After moving from New Mexico, he now lives in Texas on a 200 acre farm and ranch where he draws new ideas from his surroundings. 

Tell us a little bit about your life before you became an artist.
I was raised on a farm and ranch and didn’t do much of any art until I went to college.
I took my first ceramics class along with painting and jewelry making classes while in college at SMU.  I was more fascinated with clay than painting or jewelry.  I entered a juried exhibition my second semester for a show in Denver and was accepted.  It took off from there.  I have a BFA from New Mexico State and an MFA from SMU.
Where do you get your inspiration for each piece? How do you approach your work?
My inspiration comes from the local areas where I have lived.  My work requires me to challenge it, hence the addition of hand wrought metal and mosaics to my pieces.  I have an eye for design as well.