"The space between reality and illusion is where the magic happens. It's in that instant when they slide into each other and produce an otherness that inspires my artwork. I find the shimmering images and ephemeral changes of light to be a powerful reminder of the fleeting nature of our visions and memories. When the angle of a light beam or a reflection find each other, they can ignite a spark and transport us to an altered sense of reality. The result reveals a place you might not recognize--but, somehow, have been waiting to visit. The more you look, the more you see." Leslie Kell
About Leslie Kell:
Leslie Kell creates her surreal artworks using an original technique that synthesizes her artistry in design and photography. Kell works with natural forms to create surreal environments in which her photos are assembled into spaces and patterns of her designs. As the imagery interacts to create the highlights, shadows, and contours of the new image, it unfolds to deeper discoveries within the composition. ​Her exhibited works will include her Artist Masters, which are printed with archival inks on canvas and enhanced with unique custom framing, as well as her Metallics, Petites and Resins.