OUR Q&A EXCHANGE WITH Kelley Goldsmith, a traditional still life oil painter

AC: What is your earliest recollection of having the desire to be an artist?
KG: I was about three and remember my mother drawing, mostly doodling, and I thought it was magic! I knew then that I wanted to do that.

AC: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork that you created, and what makes it more special to you than the rest?
KG: My sister-in-law recently commissioned me to paint a still life in honor of my brother’s retirement from the Marines. I almost didn’t do it. I’m so glad I did. It was a challenge to incorporate someone else’s thoughts into my vision. It’s special on many levels.

AC: ​What artist(s) have influenced you on the way?
KG: David Leffel has probably been my biggest influence. I saw one of his painting videos and I fell in love! Then I had the great fortune to meet him at the 2013 International Salon in San Antonio where I had a painting juried in the show and David was the judge. One of the highlights of my art life! Other living influences are Jeff Legg, Sherrie Mcgraw, & Jeffrey Watts to name just a few. Old masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Emil Carlsen, Chardin and many others.

​AC: When you are creating, is the personal fulfillment gained by the finished
Product or is it the process that “does it” for you?
KG: For the most part, Personal fulfillment is definitely in the process. From setting the still life up to cleaning my brushes, I love it all. That’s not to say it’s easy; it’s not. The more you know the harder it is. I’m constantly competing with myself. I feel at odds if I’m not painting or learning about art or making some effort towards that. It’s also wonderful when my work speaks to other people. It’s hard to explain how deeply gratifying that is to be able to create something that reaches someone else in a beautiful way.