​It was a few weeks before Christmas and down at the square
People were shopping in stores and Santa was there!
He wanted some gifts, unique and handmade,
For lovely Ms. Santa, the elves, and his reindeer brigade.

​He knew just where to find some really great gifts:
In the middle of Texas in a very special place.
Art Connections Gallery that is--
On the square in La Grange,
Where everything inside is artisan made.

Santa hurried right there with his list in his hand.
He opened the door and entered a magic land.
He was met by Renate who gave him a hug
And then smiled and asked if she could give him a hand.
​She looked at his list and gave up a laugh!
“Oh Santa, this will be so easy, don’t sweat.
We have so much stuff here, on that you can bet. 
All those on your nice list will get such special surprises.
Each are made from the hands of an artist you see,
And are meant to fill their hearts with love, that I guarantee.

So first on his list was Mrs. Santa, of course.
She loves bling, how could she not,
She lives on the North Pole surrounded by sparkly whatnots.
He looked at the jewels, so much to choose from,
But found a perfect bauble to please the heart of his lady love. 

​He went through his list, not naughty, just nice,
And found something just right for each creature on that list.
A warm scarf for Rudolph ‘cause it’s cold in the snow,
for Dasher a really nice salad bowl.
A painting for Comet, and some flutes for Blitzen
(who does sometimes  get “blitzened”, you know).
And for the reindeer who looks out at the world, a new point of view.
​After a rest in the Book Nook, onward he goes,
To the back gallery where he finds some little elf girl hair bows.
And these wee shoes for little Eddie Elf
Who has been really quite good
And, never forget,
This beaded bag for his sweet mom, Ellen Elf.
​Finally, when the list is all complete,
Santa checks out and pays,
Not surprised in the least.
For he knew when his shopping was done here,
his wallet would still have a little something
For the homeless man on the street.

​Renate piled on his packages (and piled on his packages) and to the door he did stroll.
Down the sidewalk he went and so the story goes.
Those also shopping on the square could hear him say,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day. 
I’ll see you at Christmas in just a few weeks.
Remember how I like cookies and always be sweet.