Our Former Selves by Leslie Kell
Our Former Selves by Leslie Kell

Our Former Selves by Leslie Kell

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Art Connections Gallery Exclusive: This 12 x 12 piece is printed on LexJet Metallic Surface for extra depth and radiance. The print is face-mounted to 1/4” plexiglass with polished edges for a sleek and modern finish. Artwork comes with cleat hanger attached for easy installation.  The prints are made to order and have an approximate turn around time of two weeks.

In the words of the artist: "

There is an old folklore saying that, “When a cardinal appears in your yard, it’s a visitor from heaven.”

Since this series is about past and present and the melding of our perceptions and memories, it makes sense (to me) to welcome other worldly visitors into the imagery.

Photos were taken in Madrid and Segovia Spain.

The Artifacts Collection explores the intersections of memory, reality and perceptions. It’s about fragments and figments. It questions the reliability of our visions and seeks the ghosts on the fringes.

The visual of sheer curtains in an open window has always been ethereal in my mind’s eye. The imagery encourages us to drift in and out of the present lending to the dreamlike quality of the artwork. The shimmering images and ephemeral changes of light create a respite that reveals a glimpse into a place you may recognize but not quite remember.

As with my recent collections, the narrative that drives the imagery is original.  The series took root several years ago when I wrote the first four lines of the prose on a trip to Colorado with my soul sisters. I didn’t know at the time what would come, but I collected the pieces and planted them.  The prose slips in and out of present, past and future. It speaks to individual and collective entities, reality and illusion and ends with a vow that slips away two lines later. A powerful reminder of the fleeting nature of our visions."

Prose by Leslie Kell: 

I went to a place I had been before
I sat in a space I had seen before
The water moved me as it always had
And I found a person I had known before

As we waited for our former selves
The glimpses on the momentary surface
Reveal the tender slivers of our soul
And show us the shimmering not

The fragments become figments
Lingering just out of reach
They come cloaked in the light
Blinding us to the shadowed fringes 

We will bend in our perceptions
As we brace for fragile artifacts
We will reach for the elusive memory
And wake to the illusion 

 I will remember
Second by second
This is everything
This doesn’t exist