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Under the direction of a three generation family of artists, every piece of Bovano Art is an original design, hand-enameled at their studio in Connecticut.  Since 1952, at the site of an old foundry, a team of highly skilled enamelists and metal workers have used traditional hand tools and techniques to create these elegant and colorful enamel on copper sculptures.  As described by Bovano:  "The process includes vitreous enamel (which is pulverized glass) applied by hand, using a delicate sprinkling method, layer upon layer, over solid copper.  Fired by the intense heat of kilns, the enamels flow and combine.  Emerging from the kiln molten ruby-red, then cooling to reveal both vibrant and subtle hues of color.  This process may be repeated several times before the desired effect is achieved."  Bovano Studios makes well-crafted enamels of heirloom quality that bring the beauty of nature indoors.
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