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Artist's Statement: 

  "A number of years ago I started painting my favorite recipes as gifts for friends——salad dressings, soups, my mother’s spicy guacamole recipe.  I love painting vegetable portraits, capturing their colorful, quirky beauty in my unique style of watercolor painting.  Then I remembered my grandmother’s fabulous flour sack tea towels and, in a moment of you-got-your-peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate inspiration, my business was born.       

Flour sack fabric is 100% cotton but also has a special weave that makes it almost miraculously absorbent.  It is luscious and practical, hence my passion for it. I wrote six or seven factories for samples before finding the real McCoy.

The process: once I finish designing and painting each image, I take it and the towels to my local screen printer who specializes in the four-color process. This process, culminating in an Krispy Kreme-like oven where the design is literally baked on which makes them colorfast and machine washable, also makes it look and feel like I’ve painted directly onto the towels. 

Tea towels, a.k.a. dish towels, are a necessity.  Everyone needs them.  My tea towels’ deluxe flour sack fabric and vibrant colors make them feel like an indulgence."

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