"Into the Sun" (Master) by Leslie Kell

"Into the Sun" (Master) by Leslie Kell

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Infinity Collection

Mazes and mirrors captivate my surrealist side and drive the design concept of these illusionary pieces. This piece features monarch butterflies and their fleeting beauty while exposing a world of endless possibilities.

The title for this piece is borrowed from “Help on the Way” by the Grateful Dead.

This image has been featured on the covers of Austin All Natural and NARM Quarterlypublications.

Artist Master
24 x 42*
digital photo collage, mixed media: archival inks on canvas, acrylic paint, hand textured aluminum, polished acrylic

*Size indicates canvas dimension, enhanced framing adds to overall size.

(Most of Leslie Kell's images can be special ordered if they are showing sold out.  Many are also available in custom sizes and in customs finished such as resin, canvas, framed or unframed, metal, and masters prints.   If you like an image, we can work with Leslie to help you get exactly what you want.  Just email the gallery for more information: artconnectionsonline@gmail.com.)