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Ele Chew - Cuero, Texas

Ele Chew is a fused glass artist in Cuero, Texas. She purchased Adickes’s Lumberyard in 2004 and converted it into a live-work studio with her late husband, Bruck Wright in 2005. Ele was a senior scientist at Roche Diagnostics and Celera Diagnostics in East Bay California. Working in fusing glass and metal fabrication were her creative outlets away from the biotech world. She studied glass fusing and casting at The Crucible in Oakland, CA under Mary White, who headed the San Jose State University's School of Art and Design Glass Program and matal fabrication and bronze casting, respectively, under Professor James Perriso and Yoshitomo Saito at California State of Hayward.

Ele uses various techniques to bring her visions to fruition. The natural elements of South Texas, Japan and New Mexico have greatly influenced her work, such as the oak leaf motif in her oak leaf table, and stylized daisies in her blue daisy table. In December 2018, at the Fifty to Five Hundred Exhibit at the Art Center of Corpus Christi, her photograph "Dinner Time" earned an Honorable Mention Award. And in the 2019 Dimension XLVII Exhibit at the same venue, she placed third in the 3-D Sculpture category with "Fruit Cocktail on a Hot Summer Day".

Ideas, dreams and creatures are bursting in Ele's head, yearning to see the light of day. Enjoy this adventure with her, as she explores mixed media with glass, metal, clay and textiles!

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