"Blue Sky"  by Gabrielle McNeese

"Blue Sky" by Gabrielle McNeese

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This listing is for a framed reproduction version of "Blue Sky" by Gabrielle McNeese. I measures 17" x 18" for $240.

Unframed limited edition prints of this artwork can be purchased by emailing the gallery at artconnectionsonline@gmail.com.

These prints are available in a smaller size, 11" x 13" for $45, or a larger size of 16" x 19" which sells for $90.

In the artist's own words: "Arches National Park is just north of Moab, Utah. Inspiration for painting is unlimited, for the

huge rock arches and formations are absolutely stunning and beautiful. I had the privilege of living in Moab and was inspired by the beauty and magic of the unusual landscape to do many paintings of the vast landscape."