"What You Knew" (resin) by Leslie Kell

"What You Knew" (resin) by Leslie Kell

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The Other Side Collection

10" x 10" resin

The newest series of designs in The Other Side Collection feature partially submerged pyramids. These pieces are as much about the seen as the unseen. Perhaps they can remind us that things are not always what they appear on the surface.

The breaking waves threaten to push the abandoned float out of reach.while at the same time the child walking beach side evokes anticipation of a discovery just within reach. The juxtaposition of lost and found creates the tension, a pull and a push. What lies beyond the horizon beckons.

The images in this piece were captured during travel in Alaska and Pensacola. Almost as far apart as you can get on the continent and yet they to come together in a consciousness of recollections.

(Most of Leslie Kell's images can be special ordered if they are showing sold out.  Many are also available in custom sizes and in customs finished such as resin, canvas, framed or unframed, metal, and masters prints.   If you like an image, we can work with Leslie to help you get exactly what you want.  Just email the gallery for more information: artconnectionsonline@gmail.com.)