"Once in a Lifetime" (petite) by Leslie Kell

"Once in a Lifetime" (petite) by Leslie Kell

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Mindscape Collection

Petite, image size 6" x 8", framed 7" x 9"

You’ll see some influences of formal English gardens in this piece along with the architectural forms that I love. I’ve used photos taken in the Chicago area and various green spaces. Koi fish meander in the foreground to add a splash of color. One social media comment called this the “Hallway to Heaven”, I kind of like that.

The title comes from “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads.

(Most of Leslie Kell's images can be special ordered if they are showing sold out.  Many are also available in custom sizes and in customs finished such as resin, canvas, framed or unframed, metal, and masters prints.   If you like an image, we can work with Leslie to help you get exactly what you want.  Just email the gallery for more information: artconnectionsonline@gmail.com.)