Muses Parade (sjs632456) by Stan Strembicki

Muses Parade (sjs632456) by Stan Strembicki

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Photograph on Paper, unframed, 10" x 6.6" image on 8.5" x 11" paper, open edition

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     10" x 16" image on 13"x19" paper  (Limited edition of 50)  $112.50

     15"x22" image on 17"x24" paper (limited edition of 20)  $225

Stan Strembicki has been photographing Mardi Gras for decades and this year was no exception.  The photos are particularly poignant as we hear of the tragic cases of Covid 19 resulting from this much loved tradition.

Artist's Statement about his time of quarantine:

Being in social isolation has kept me out of the “field”, normally I’d have made at least two trips to NOLA by now and planning for portrait shoots this month. The experience has forced me into my digital studio and the one positive is that I am now really going thru older works and printing a lot of it. You start thinking about your “legacy” as a photographer and that legacy is not the raw digital files but the prints that come of it, so I’ve been printing a lot.

 Note: This is a print made on demand so there may be some delay in the shipping.  We will keep you informed of the schedule as best we can.